Tabitha’s Post November 28th

This article is about a 5yr old boy that died from an unmarked police vehicle that smashed into the family car. The officer was travelling at 90km\h in a 50km\h zone. The officer is not getting charged and I really don’t like how officers now are getting away with so much right now. I don’t think that it’s right that a officer can get away with taking a child’s life at the age of 5, and being able to take paid time for it.

Olivia’s Post (Nov 21st)

I have completely mixed emotions about this article. It makes me happy to know that these people’s names are out in the world so that they can be caught, it makes me so sad though when I think of animal poaching. With all the materials in the world today it seems so stupid to me that poachers would kill an elephant just for its ivory tusks. As an animal lover I would love for all the poachers to be caught. I think it’s so important that we take care of the amazing animals we have on our planet, it is completely selfish for us to kill another creature to use one part of its body.

Rebecca’s post (Nov 14th)

This discovery is a massive step towards finding a cure for HIV. The news that HIV has been “deleted” from a cell can give hope to millions of people all over the world. The researchers responsible for this amazing invention will hopefully be credited for helping save millions of lives in the future with this groundbreaking discovery. HIV has plagued the world for hundreds of years and was notorious for being incurable, but hopefully the work done by the researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia is a step in the direction of a cure.

Allison’s Post

Here is Allison’s post for this week.

Video –

The actions taken by this teacher disgust me. The brutal force taken upon the student was uncalled for no matter the situation. The only time a teacher should be allowed to use force towards a student in any way is if the teacher themselves is in danger from a student at that immediate time or if they are simply just pulling apart a student from someone else for their safety. Also, the young girl was ridded of her shirt and left in front of an entire classroom in just a bra. That itself should be set up for a whole other charge against the teacher and further actions should be taken against the teacher for what happened. The entire situation was very uncalled for and why nothing further had happened on this case angers me.

Lives of Women Around The World Project

Students will be researching and comparing the conditions of women in the following countries.

Quinn – Cuba/Morocco
Darien – Lesotho/Saudi Arabia
Sam – Iceland/Egypt
Hayleigh – Switzerland/India
Allison – Finland/Mali
Breanna – Norway/Iran
Moo Eh Paw – Sweden/Syria
Tabitha – Philippines/Peru
Rebecca – Ireland/Pakistan
Olivia – New Zealand/Afghanistan
Giles – Germany/Yemen
Alex – Latvia/Oman
Micaela – Netherlands/Iraq

Darien’s Post

            This article is a perfect example of what our generation focuses on, Social Media.  The article states that ages 12 to 25 use the social media app Vine, but I disagree and believe that kids even younger than 12 are using these social media apps every day.  Our generation must be extremely self-conscious and lack self-esteem because majority of us only care about the attention we receive from the amount of likes and comments we can get on the things we post about.  For example, someone who posts a picture of themselves on Instagram, do you really think anyone cares about the makeup you’re wearing today?  That doesn’t matter though, what matters is how you caption the picture and edit it to attract the most amount of ‘likers’ as possible.  Kids, teenagers, and young adults don’t go outside anymore or play sports, enjoy any kind of physical activity or work towards being good at anything physical.  We only do the things or pretend to do the things that we can post about and acquire the most amount attention from. Socials Media tells us how to dress, what we should look like, how we should talk, and the things we should do.  Very few people do things for themselves any more, and we don’t do things to make us feel good about ourselves.  We are constantly worried about what people will think of us if we aren’t doing what Social Media tells us to do. 

Hayleigh’s Post

From the reading I’ve done, I believe that Columbia University and the people there responsible for dealing with her case are clearly in the wrong. That being said, I have yet to read an article defending the position of the school. By reading about this event, I learned that on campus sexual assault is huge deal and an important issue today. It is important to myself specifically, being a young woman with the intention of attending university.

Please read over the article that Hayleigh has chosen and respond with your own commentary.

Quinn’s Article

Please read over the article that Quinn has chosen for discussion this week. Please provide your analysis of the event as well. Can you see any connections to the discussions we’ve had?

Article Response
This article is about a teen who is 16 years old, male, Ethan Couch. Who got into an truck accident when he is underaged and had his blood alcohol level 3 times over the legal limit of an adult to be driving. During this accident he killed 4 people, which consisted of a young Pastor, a mans wife and daughter, and the daughters friend.

The main problem I am having with this article is that Ethan Couch isn’t serving any jail or juvi time for his actions because of a psychological malaise called affluenza. (affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.) because of his parents being so wealthy they were able to only charge him with ten years probation and his dad has to send him to a very luxurious rehabilitation camp in which my opinion was not a fair punishment.

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