Sam’s post (Nov 7th)

I thought it was awful that just because the women asked for help with her son,the police officer thought it was okay to kill the women’s son for doing nothing


3 thoughts on “Sam’s post (Nov 7th)

  1. This is quite a sad story because we don’t know what happened in the washroom when donald was shot but because he didn’t have any weapons so you know it could of been handled in a different way then shooting the young man.

  2. This is such a sad article the Donald had to die. I don’t think that its right that officers are able to get away with this like this; and the officer is getting paid time off for what he did. Brown should be getting some type of punishment because killed a young man that had no kind of weapon on him.

  3. Although I don’t quite understand why police would be called for medication help rather than a hospital, but where do we draw the line with what privileges police have when it comes to force and weapons? Over and over again we hear these stories of how police are making up excuses in order to try and justify why they shot and/or killed someone. What do we do when the people that are there to protect us are the ones we need to be protected from?

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