Olivia’s Post (Nov 21st)


I have completely mixed emotions about this article. It makes me happy to know that these people’s names are out in the world so that they can be caught, it makes me so sad though when I think of animal poaching. With all the materials in the world today it seems so stupid to me that poachers would kill an elephant just for its ivory tusks. As an animal lover I would love for all the poachers to be caught. I think it’s so important that we take care of the amazing animals we have on our planet, it is completely selfish for us to kill another creature to use one part of its body.

Rebecca’s post (Nov 14th)



This discovery is a massive step towards finding a cure for HIV. The news that HIV has been “deleted” from a cell can give hope to millions of people all over the world. The researchers responsible for this amazing invention will hopefully be credited for helping save millions of lives in the future with this groundbreaking discovery. HIV has plagued the world for hundreds of years and was notorious for being incurable, but hopefully the work done by the researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia is a step in the direction of a cure.