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Here is Allison’s post for this week.

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The actions taken by this teacher disgust me. The brutal force taken upon the student was uncalled for no matter the situation. The only time a teacher should be allowed to use force towards a student in any way is if the teacher themselves is in danger from a student at that immediate time or if they are simply just pulling apart a student from someone else for their safety. Also, the young girl was ridded of her shirt and left in front of an entire classroom in just a bra. That itself should be set up for a whole other charge against the teacher and further actions should be taken against the teacher for what happened. The entire situation was very uncalled for and why nothing further had happened on this case angers me.


6 thoughts on “Allison’s Post

  1. I was quite surprised on how harsh the teacher was on the student and completely uncalled for by the teacher. I also believe that the teacher could have easily handled the situation much better

  2. That teacher reacted in a very rude and unprofessional matter. The student had a valid reason for leaving the class and the teacher should have respected it.

  3. That was very surprising on how that teacher reacted to what was very reasonable excuse to leave. I to suffer from anxiety attacks when it comes down to stressful situations like this, and I would not want to forced like that back into a classroom. Yes she could have asked to leave but the teacher should have not stopped her like that. The student has every right to be embarrassed being half naked in front of her classmates.

  4. I do not think this teacher should be getting paid leave while they investigate. Although the student herself admitted that she should have asked for permission before leaving the classroom, the teacher’s violent reaction was inappropriate and completely uncalled for.

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