Darien’s Post

            This article is a perfect example of what our generation focuses on, Social Media.  The article states that ages 12 to 25 use the social media app Vine, but I disagree and believe that kids even younger than 12 are using these social media apps every day.  Our generation must be extremely self-conscious and lack self-esteem because majority of us only care about the attention we receive from the amount of likes and comments we can get on the things we post about.  For example, someone who posts a picture of themselves on Instagram, do you really think anyone cares about the makeup you’re wearing today?  That doesn’t matter though, what matters is how you caption the picture and edit it to attract the most amount of ‘likers’ as possible.  Kids, teenagers, and young adults don’t go outside anymore or play sports, enjoy any kind of physical activity or work towards being good at anything physical.  We only do the things or pretend to do the things that we can post about and acquire the most amount attention from. Socials Media tells us how to dress, what we should look like, how we should talk, and the things we should do.  Very few people do things for themselves any more, and we don’t do things to make us feel good about ourselves.  We are constantly worried about what people will think of us if we aren’t doing what Social Media tells us to do. 

5 thoughts on “Darien’s Post

  1. I agree with Darien and what she said about how students and teenagers are way to self conscious about how many likes they get or even who likes it, no in days people are also using apps to gain more like just so they can seem more popular.

  2. Social media is used by all ages. They even make apps for babies…. why the heckie would a baby need to know how to use a smart phone or ipad? I also agree eith what daren has stated. If you look at instagram posts, many have 20+ hashtags…. do you really need a hashtag saying what colour your shoes are if they arent even in the photo?

  3. Social media has a deep effect on people of all ages, but not many people will admit it. I agree with Darien, we care too much what other people think and base too many things off of “likes” or “revines”.

  4. I agree with what Darien stated about how all aged people use social media. Have you ever seen a post that had below 10 likes, probably not because some people will take down those photos or posts. People shouldn’t have to rely on how many likes or comments they get on their post, they should just share their happy moments so they last.

  5. I agree with Darien. Social media is way to “important” in our lives. It always makes me so angry when a girl with her boobs hanging out get 300+ likes but a cute dog photo or something get no likes. We rely way to much on technology today and it’s sad that we allow it to rule our lives.

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