Hayleigh’s Post

From the reading I’ve done, I believe that Columbia University and the people there responsible for dealing with her case are clearly in the wrong. That being said, I have yet to read an article defending the position of the school. By reading about this event, I learned that on campus sexual assault is huge deal and an important issue today. It is important to myself specifically, being a young woman with the intention of attending university.


Please read over the article that Hayleigh has chosen and respond with your own commentary.


7 thoughts on “Hayleigh’s Post

  1. I find what this article states extremely unfair. This girl claims she was raped, does the school think this is a joke? Maybe she was just mistaken or doesn’t like the individual she claims raped her. No. She definitely wouldn’t make it up. Rape is not a joke. The actions she is taking by carrying her mattress around campus is very brave of her to do. I think the school isn’t reacting to her case because they don’t want to give the school a bad rap. Who cares about how this girl feels and what happened to her. Rape is just a joke, right?

  2. I think that Taking the stand and protesting against the school is very important because the school is in the wrong, and also without the school helping the woman it put fear in other girls around campus.

  3. Rape victims have every right to stand up for not onky themselves but other victims too. Matresses are not easy to carry so the fact that she carries it every day is amazing. I think that the fact that the school has done nothing is extremely disrespectful and shows no proffessional outlook on the school.

  4. This is disgusting. As Darien said, rape is not a joke. Why is this girl’s rapist allowed to walk freely while other girls now walk in fear of being raped? The school is teaching young men and women that rape will be tolerated while they should be teaching them how to be successful adults.

  5. I really don’t like they way the school. They should be doing something because the student that did get raped she has to deal with memories for the rest of her life. Also the other student should have some type of consequence and not be able to just walk away. I see where the school come from where they don’t want a bad rep, but not doing anything for the student is worst.

  6. The girl’s parents described the school’s inaction as “degrading” and I think that pretty much sums it up. It is degrading that they would try to discredit her because they believe that the school’s reputation is more important and it is degrading that there are people saying that she just wants attention. Of course she is trying to get attention but not for herself. By carrying around that mattress she is making a statement for the countless other victims who have been silenced.

  7. That’s awful the way the school is dealing with the situation. He should deffiently be expelled! I couldnt imagine having to walk around and see him, the poor girl must just feel awful. I love that she is taking a stand!

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