Quinn’s Article

Please read over the article that Quinn has chosen for discussion this week. Please provide your analysis of the event as well. Can you see any connections to the discussions we’ve had?


Article Response
This article is about a teen who is 16 years old, male, Ethan Couch. Who got into an truck accident when he is underaged and had his blood alcohol level 3 times over the legal limit of an adult to be driving. During this accident he killed 4 people, which consisted of a young Pastor, a mans wife and daughter, and the daughters friend.

The main problem I am having with this article is that Ethan Couch isn’t serving any jail or juvi time for his actions because of a psychological malaise called affluenza. (affecting wealthy young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.) because of his parents being so wealthy they were able to only charge him with ten years probation and his dad has to send him to a very luxurious rehabilitation camp in which my opinion was not a fair punishment.


10 thoughts on “Quinn’s Article

  1. I find it so ironic how it talks about him having affluenza because of him not being punished as a child yet he is not now being punished for his actions. I feel that jail/juvi time would be very beneficial for this man, maybe it would teach him that his mistakes have consequences.

  2. i have never heard of this article and am super happy that you posted it. it seems like the government finally has a name for just being a irresponsible teenager

  3. This is important because Canada is so huge on drinking and driving. Although this happened in Texas its still a huge deal. The fact that this 16 teen year old who was underaged drinking, killed 4 people with a naked girl in his vehicle is sickening.. Like Olivia said, it would be beneficial if he served time. It’s not fair to the victims or their families. Great article Quinn! 🙂

  4. That is ridiculous. If the boy isn’t properly punished who’s to say he won’t go and do it again? Maybe next time his parents will take away his iPhone 6 and Rolex watch instead.

  5. He was underaged drinking, and had a nude minor in the back of his vehicle on top of killing not 1, but 4 people in an accident induced by his alcohol consumption. And on top of it he was never sentenced to time in prison?! Yes, because that seems fair…. wealthy or not, he committed a serious crime and deserves to be punished like anyone else would be.

  6. I don’t think its okay when wealthy peoplle get away with things like this, because the families have to deal with this will never forget the day they lost their love one.

  7. I agree with your opinion because this pushniment is not fair. He should be in jail more than 10 even though he has a phychological malaise. We have a law that “u should NOT drive while u drinking”. So I this he should be pushniment so he will know that that he was wrong for driving while having alcohol 3 time over the limit and killed 4 people.

  8. This article makes me mad because so many people all over make careless mistakes like this one and they are given much more severe punishments. I wouldn’t consider Ethan Couch’s “punishment” any kind of consequence. Just because h has a wealthy family doesn’t mean he can get out of whatever consequences and punishments he may face for his actions. It is not fair that just because he has a wealthy family that he can get out of whatever he wants. It’s not fair that someone else who commits the same crime has to be sentenced a way harsher punishment because they aren’t wealthy enough to avoid it.

  9. Definitley agree that he did something really terrible and deserves to pay for his mistakes like everybody else has to

  10. As was stated in the article, someone getting away with a violent crime for no other reason than his wealth and privilege is not an unprecedented event. So using affluenza as a defence is not really any different than saying that because he’s rich he shouldn’t be punished. This says a lot about the justice system. They basically admitted that people with obscene amounts of wealth are exempt from the law.

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