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3rd – Quinn
10th – Hayleigh
17th – Darien
31st – Allison

7th – Sam
14th – Rebecca
21th – Olivia
28th – Tabitha

9th – Giles
10th –

9th –
16th – Eh Paw
23rd – Micaela

Welcome to SJ12 2014-2015! :)

Every Friday, a student from the SJ 12 class will be posting an article focused on a social justice issue. The student will analyse the article and solicit feedback/opinions from those in the class.

Here are some questions to help you focus your analysis.

1. What do you think?
2. Why do you think that? (provide reasoning for your thinking)
3. How do you know this? (make connections to your ideas & thoughts with things you’ve experienced, read, or seen)
4. Can you tell me more? (extend your thinking, share further evidence to your ideas)
5. What questions do you still have after reading this article?

First up to post will be Quinn – Friday Oct 3rd.