Gay Rights Around the World

As before, please read the article and respond by using the 5 questions as a reference point.

1. What do you think?
2.  Why do you think that? (provide reasoning for your thinking)
3.  How do you know this? (make connections to your ideas & thoughts with things you’ve experienced, read, or seen)
4.  Can you tell me more? (extend your thinking, share further evidence to your ideas)
5.  What questions do you still have after reading this article?

Final Project Topics

Here are the topics students are exploring for their final action projects.

Patricia:  Boko Haram
Emily:  Special Needs children in high school/real world
Becca:  Gender Equality
Brittany:  Third World Financial Inequality
Shynae:  Child Poverty
Bailey:  Cosmetics and Animal Testing
Sierra:  Violence in Schools
Nicholas:  Child Soldiers
Taly:  Human Trafficking and sex slavery
Krista:  Aboriginal Poverty
Cierra:  Child soldiers & genocide/civil war.
Olivia:  Visual Impairments

Final Project Timeline

As a reminder, here are the due dates for your final project.

Phase One:  April 28th – come up with the idea  This deadline has passed.
Phase Two:  May 12th – develop your action plan
Phase Three:  May 26th – carry out your action plan
Phase Four and Five:  Due the week of June 9-13. – complete the essay + your TED Talk.


Email me or post your phases 1-3 on here.